Registered Office address:

Plitvicka 45, HR-35000 Slavonski Brod

Tel.: +385 35 494 464

Fax: +385 35 494 477

E-Mail: office[at]


Our HQ is located in Slavonski Brod / Croatia. 

The city is located 197 kilometres (122 miles) southeast of Zagreb. It developed at the strategically important crossing over the Sava river toward Brod in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Slavonski Brod is an important intersection of the Posavina part of the highway and a railway junction, since it is located on the highway linking Zagreb-Lipovac-Belgrade (E70, A3) and the Zagreb-Vinkovci-Belgrade railway. The ship port "Brod" on the Sava river is under construction. There is also a new modern highway under construction, on the Pan-European Corridor Vc, which will connect Northern Europe and Hungary with Croatia (through the region of Slavonia), and Bosnia and Herzegovina with Croatia (through the coastal region of Dalmatia). The alignment of this highway is approximately at a 19 km (12 mi) distance from the center of the town. With the completion of this route, the area of the town Slavonski Brod will become one of the major highway intersections in this part of Europe connecting directions West-East and North-South.

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